Business Coaching

What, then, does business coaching by C-FOR-U mean?

Leading a business is a dynamic process which is always exposed to external influences and which poses new challenges for the manager each and every day. Sticking to a clear direction and staying on course is not easy and cannot be taken for granted. That is why it is essential for long-term success to have clear goals and a strategy which helps both management and staff to make day-to-day decisions. It is also helpful to have tools available which create transparency and clearly show just how the business is going.

In business coaching I work together with you and support your strategic and tactical work. This does not mean that I do all the work for you, but that we work as a team. You have control over the intensity and direction of our work at all times.

Being an active coach means that I work with you 'on the job' from moderation to bringing in new impulses and appropriate tools. Together, and perhaps with your management team, we develop the strategy that will advance you and your company, we plan and drive its implementation and ensure success.

This active business coaching ideally takes place in three phases in which I accompany you from the very beginning all the way to success. Each of these phases, the chosen means, tools and my services are individually tailored to the requirements and the situation of your company. These are in detail:

  1.   Planning
  2.   Operationalization / Implementation
  3.   Success

I support start-ups in product and service businesses especially in the following industries:

  • IT/Software
  • Medical Technology/Life Science/Biotechnology
  • Electronic Measurement Technology
  • Electronics, Semiconductors

During my whole career I obtained valuable additional expertise from others and from outside, which had a lasting positive influence on my work. At HP and Agilent I had several excellent internal mentors, and in one business phase an external coach. And, I regularly spent time to acquire additional external knowledge. After my management career I continued to work on my coaching abilities and obtained several qualifications.

Here are a few examples:

  • Business Models of the Future, Management Forum Starnberg, Munich, 2015
  • Psychology of Change- coaching emotionally intelligent, Dietz-Training, Bavaria, 2009-2011
    • 'Start where behaviour is controlled' (Dietz)--- Improve self perception, understand negative interaction.
  • Coaching qualification at Team Connex, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany 2010
    • Various Coaching approaches for a wide scope of applications
  • Certified Master Coach, Behavioral Coaching Institute, London, UK, 2008
    • Behavioral Coaching based on Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading the Effective Sales Force, INSEAD, France, 2005
  • Creating Value through Financial Management, Wharton, USA, 1997
  • Management of Research and Development, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston, USA, 1996



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